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Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions contain the terms and rules of use of the webshop and (hereinafter referred to as Webshop) The owner and operator of the Webshop is SYMBOL-BP Vendéglátó és Kulturális Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság /’Symbol-Bp Catering and Cultural Service Provider Limited Liability Company’/ (corporate registration number: 14-09-300995, Registry Court of Kaposvár Regional Court, registered office:  8600 Siófok, Dózsa Gy. u. 42; tax number: 11228633-2-14, electronic contact details:; phone number: +36 30 816 3103; name of the contact person: Barbara Dankovics) (hereinafter referred to as Operator), who provides on-line shopping opportunities for anyone intending to purchase goods – offered by the Operator – through the web interface (hereinafter referred to as USER).


1.           Object of the legal relationship

1.1.       The object of the legal relationship is the use of the Webshop operated by the Operator or making purchases through such website.

1.2.       The service accessible via the Webshop is an online activity of a commercial character if the User purchases the chosen goods through its website following the registration (hereinafter referred to as Webshop service).

1.3.       The recipient of the services provided by the Webshop shall be considered as a User and in this capacity he shall accept the provisions herein binding.


2.           Terms of using the Service

2.1.       The use of the commercial service of the Webshop is subject to prior registration, which shall be carried out by completing the form accessible on the website. Beyond the personal data (name, place and date of birth, home address, invoicing- and delivery address, e-mail address) user name and password shall also be provided which are required to log in the Webshop.

2.2.       In the course of registration the User shall make a statement relating to the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions. The User shall accept these General Terms and Conditions by ticking the box next to the sentence: “I agree with and accept all clauses of the General Terms and Conditions” and by clicking on the registration button. Any registration shall be unsuccessful without such registration.

2.3.       The Operator shall confirm the successful registration through an electronic mail (e-mail) sent for the User to the mailing address provided by the User.

2.4.       The User shall not be charged any registration fee.

2.5.       The personal data provided by the User shall be recorded in the so called “User Account”. In case any change occurs in the data of the User, the User shall enter the changes into the User Account, and the liability arising from the failure to do so shall be borne by the User.

2.6.       The user name is required for identifying the users of the Webshop. The user name may not offend public morals or good taste and it may not violate the rights or lawful interest of others; in such cases the registration shall be deleted. Expressions offending public morality shall be any obscene words either in Hungarian or in a foreign language.

2.7.       The Operator may verify the personal information provided by registered Users, while doing so the Operator may request the User to attach certain documents in case of occurrence of any condition referring to untruth of any data provided by registered Users.

2.8.       Any User providing false data shall be excluded from the use of the Webshop by the Operator.

2.9.       The Operator reserves the right to refuse the User the access to the service (to cancel the registration) if the User violates these General Terms and Conditions or if the User behaves in any other way that is deemed by the Operator to jeopardize the rights or lawful interests of others or that is may offend good taste of others.

2.10.    The operator refuses liability of any kind for the untruth of the data provided by the User or for any damage possibly incurred by any third party in relation to such data.

3.   Webshop service

3.1.       For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions Webshop Service shall be any electronic commerce service aiming at the sale of any marketable movable property whose possession may be taken.

3.2.       Within the framework of the Webshop service the User may purchase the goods offered for sale by the Operator on the site of the Webshop. The use of the Webshop service is subject to registration. In case of the Webshop service the purchase agreement shall be executed by the confirmation of the order through e-mail by the Operator with the stipulation that the Operator shall reserve the ownership right to the goods until the payment of the purchase price. Following the execution of the purchase agreement the User shall be named as Buyer or User. The agreement under this clause shall be considered as a written contract whose language shall be Hungarian. The agreement shall not be filed and it may not be retrieved afterwards.

3.3.       The price of the goods indicated on the website shall be gross price (net price + VAT) expressed in Hungarian Forint.

3.4.       Purchases in the Webshop may be made as follows:

3.4.1.      The User shall choose the goods intended to purchase and click on the “Basket” icon. The User may place several goods into the basket prior to the submission of the order thereof.

3.4.2.      By clicking on the “Basket” icon the User shall be navigated to the “Basket” page where he may check the content of the basket and the price of the ordered goods. The User shall have the right to modify the content of the basket.

3.4.3.      By clicking on the button “I am paying” the User shall be on the “Cash-desk” page where the User shall give his name (company name), mother’s name, place and date of birth, home address (registered office), delivery and invoicing address as well as his mobile phone number and electronic contact details, and in case of an in case of an economic organization the corporation registration number as well.

3.4.4.      After providing the above data and ticking the box next to the text “I have read and understood the contract terms and simultaneously I agree with the General Terms and Conditions pertaining to payment by PayU Bank Card”, the User may click on the button “Sending the order”.

3.5.       The orders shall be processed between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on working days. The Users may also submit their orders beyond the hours indicated as the time of processing orders. Any order submitted after the expiry of the working hours shall be processed on the subsequent day.

3.6.       If the User orders the goods, the Operator shall notify the User in an electronic mail when the Operator has processed the order (order confirmation). The notification shall also contain the company name and address of the Operator, specifications of the object of the contract, the price of the goods, time of delivery, other terms of the performance, the terms, mode and consequences of the exercise of the right to cancellation as well as the terms of possible warranty.

3.7.       Unless otherwise stipulated, the Buyer shall fulfil his liability without delay following the receipt of the notification, otherwise the Buyer shall not be entitled to take the delivery and he shall be deemed to have rescinded the contract.

3.8.       The purchase price shall exclusively be paid through the PAYU bank card system (method of payment). Following the payment of the purchase price the Buyer shall receive a notification of the settlement of the purchase price. The purchase price shall be considered to have been paid when the countervalue of the goods is credited in full to the bank account of the Operator.

3.9.       Should the Buyer decide not to purchase the ordered goods for any reason, he may cancel the order. The User may exercise his right to cancel the order until the goods are transferred to the carrier. The User shall notify the Operator in writing of the cancellation of the order.

3.10.    Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the time limit of the delivery shall be thirty (30) days. The delivery shall be performed between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on working days. The Operator shall notify the Buyer of the transfer goods to the carrier through an electronic mail. The courier shall be given the phone number of the Buyer in case the Buyer should not be found at the delivery address on the agreed day of the delivery. The Buyer agrees that the personal data specified in paragraph 6.4.3. shall be transferred to the carrier. Should the delivery be unsuccessful, the Operator shall charge all the costs incurred by him against the Buyer.

3.11.    The Operator shall deliver the goods to the delivery address provided by the Buyer upon the submission of the order. The delivery- and the invoicing address may be different. The Buyer may modify the delivery address until 5 p.m. on the working day two (2) working days prior to the delivery.

3.12.    In case of booking the User may participate in the event by presenting the hard copy of the confirmation electronic mail on the spot.

3.13.    The Operator reserves the right to refuse the order; in such case he shall immediately notify the User. The Operator may exercise his right to refuse the order until the payment of the purchase price.

3.14.    The costs of transportation shall be paid by the User.

3.15.    In the case of purchase within the framework of Webshop service the right of ownership shall pass onto the Buyer when the purchase price has been paid in full.

4.           Rights and obligations

4.1.       The Operator reserves the right to modify the prices indicated in the Webshop. Change in prices shall become effective when they are displayed on the home page. The Operator guarantees that any change in prices possible occurring following the submission of the order shall not affect the purchase price of the goods ordered before.

4.2.       The Operator shall refuse responsibility for any price wrongly displayed despite of the due care of the Operator, thus for the data entry errors occurring for reasons within the control of the technical service provider operating the home page or due to the malfunction of the information technology system or in respect of any apparently inaccurate and unreasonable price of the goods notably differing from the well-known price scale.

4.3.       In such cases the Operator shall not deliver the goods at the incorrect price displayed in the Webshop, but he shall offer the delivery at the correct price in the order confirmation and in awareness thereof the User may decide whether to purchase the ordered goods at the true price or to withdraw from his intention to purchase without any detrimental legal consequence or any liability.

4.4.       Upon the receipt of the goods the User shall check the integrity of packaging as well as the existence of the goods and the accessories (fittings) thereof. Upon the receipt of the goods the User shall indicate the possible defects of packaging or any deficiency concerning the content of the package.

4.5.       The User may withdraw from purchase without any explanation within eight (8) working days. The time limit shall be counted from the receipt of the goods.

4.6.       The User shall notify the Operator of the withdrawal through e-mail or on the telephone or by returning the goods by post.

4.7.       In case of withdrawal by the User the Operator shall repay the amount paid by the User without delay but not later than within thirty (30) days of the return of the goods.

4.8.       The Operator may retain certain amount as compensation sufficient for the repayment of the loss in value arising from improper use of the goods or deterioration originating from inappropriate treatment from the amount to be reimbursed.

4.9.       In case of return of the goods the User shall be responsible for packaging suitable for transportation, consequently, the Operator refuses to accept responsibility for any damage occurring in the course of transport due to the inappropriate packaging. In case of exercise of the right to withdrawal the User shall attach the original invoice and the service voucher as well as any and all accessories and fittings which belong to the selling package of the particular goods. The costs related to the return of the goods shall be borne by the Buyer.

5.           Communication between the parties

5.1.       Any communication relating to the Contract shall be in writing. Communications through electronic mails (e-mail) or fax shall be considered written. In case of dispute the sending party shall certify the receipt of the fax or e-mail by the other party.

5.2.       The Operator’s mailing address is 1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 56.

6.           Warranty and guarantee

6.1.       The Operator undertakes to provide at least the warranty period specified by applicable law in relation to certain goods, however, in case the manufacturer provides warranty under more favourable terms than prescribed by legal regulations, then the Buyer (User) may enforce his rights to warranty under such more favourable terms. The specific guarantee (warranty) period shall be indicated in each product specification.

6.2.       In case of goods the invoice shall also serve as a service voucher, thus no separate service voucher shall be provided to such goods by the Operator.

6.3.       Warranty claim may not be enforced in case of improper use, alteration, wrong or untechnical handling, improper storage of the goods, loss through disaster or any failure other than that originating from production as well as in case of maintenance and cleaning works or in case of intervention of any kind carried out on consumer goods and finally, in case of natural tear and wear resulting from proper use of wearing parts, and in relation to traces originating from natural use.

6.4.       The Operator’s liability of indemnity shall be based on the provisions of the Civil Code.

7.           Responsibility

7.1.       The Operator shall refuse responsibility for defects and losses occurring for reasons beyond his control (such as technical defects or blackout in the internet network) and for any consequences thereof.

7.2.       The Operator refuses to accept responsibility for the contents of the advertisements displayed on the Webshop. When publishing advertisements, the Operator shall fully take into consideration the provisions of act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services as well as those of act LVIII of 1997 on business advertising activity.

8.           Termination

8.1.       The Operator may terminate these General Terms and Conditions if the User violates these General Terms and Conditions or the relevant legal regulations. The termination by the Operator shall result in the exclusion of the User.

9.           Miscellaneous

9.1.       The Operator reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at his own discretion.

9.2.       The images of goods displayed on the Webshop shall be only illustrations, thus they may differ from the real products.

9.3.       The Operator or the Operator’s agent shall hand over the original copy of the issued invoice for the Buyer upon the delivery of the goods, or in certain cases the Operator shall send the original of the invoice to the mailing address of the User.

9.4.       Should the Contract or any provision thereof become void or be considered invalid, this shall not affect the force or validity of the remaining provisions.

9.5.       The Operator shall refuse to accept responsibility of any kind beyond breach of contract caused intentionally, by gross negligence or crime as well as by doing harm to life, corporal integrity or state of health.

9.6.       The Operator and the User shall cooperate with each other during the Contract term and thereafter. Should any dispute arise between the parties and if no provision related thereto is contained in these General Terms and Conditions, the parties shall settle the dispute or the issue by taking into account the presumable intention of the Operator and in compliance with these General Terms and Conditions.

9.7.       The Operator may handle the data provided by the User, in particular the identification data and home address of a natural person required for identification, for the purpose of the execution of contracts through the webshop, determination of the contents, amendment, monitoring the performance thereof and for the purpose of invoicing of the fees resulting from such contracts as well as for the enforcement of the claims related thereto.

9.8.       The User expressly agrees that the Operator shall handle his personal data provided upon the submission of the order for the purpose of processing and performance of the orders.

9.9.       The Operator agrees to handle the data of the Users in compliance with the act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information.

9.10.    The Operator shall carry out the operating of the Webshop in accordance with the provisions of the act CVII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services as well as with the provisions of Government Decree number 17/1999. (II.05.) on distance selling.

9.11.    These General Terms and Conditions have no reference to a code of conduct.

9.12.    Any disputes arising in relation to the legal relationship to be created between the parties shall be settled by the application of the Hungarian law.

9.13.    The Operator and the User shall use their best efforts to settle any possible disputes through negotiations. In case of failure of such settlements the Parties shall submit their dispute to the jurisdiction of the Hungarian courts.

By clicking the Redirect button the Customer accepts [SYMBOL-BP Vendéglátó és Kulturális Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság] ([8600 Siófok, Dózsa Gy. u. 42.]) at [] to provide the following personal data stored in its user database to PayU Hungary Ltd. (1074 Budapest, Rákóczi út 70-72.)
Provided data: username, family name, given name, country, phone number, e-mail address.

The purpose of data transmission: customer support for users, confirming transactions and fraud- monitoring for users defence. 

Informing customers that, the bank card payment of <>, The transaction is EUR basis, regardless the currency of the owner of credit card is not EUR currency.

The currency that is shown on the website, just indicative, because the payment made by selling price of the issuer bank.

Your bank account for the payment of an amount in euro, may be different due to the conversion.